Bobby Jefferon.

Potrayed by: Todd Boyce.

Robert "Bobby" Jefferson is an uptight, petty-minded bureaucrat and stickler for rules, Bobby pours all his energy into his beloved Beaver Falls. He'd like nothing more than to run the camp as his very own personal fiefdom. He is "married." to Pamela.

Bobby might appear to be the archetypal authoritarian, but beneath the surface there is a sense of quiet desperation about Bobby and it doesn't take much to make him crack.

Bobby hates the Brits especially Flynn, And he doesn't care how many castles they might have back home, the Americans kicked the British out once and, by god, if those three boys don't toe the line - his line - he'll be more than happy to do it again!

Quotes Edit

"Some chloroform, a shovel and a big fucking hole and we'd never have to deal with that bitch again, Cut, cut, cut, delete that. From the camera and you're brains!"