Portrayed by Jacob Chapman.

Nickname: B-Dog (By The Jocks.)

It is mentioned on Series 1, Episode 6 that Brandon used to part of The Jocks bunk until at one point until he gained weight and The Jocks no longed wanted anything to do with him, so he than moved "Down the social pecking order." And get put in The Chunk Bunk.

Brandon is part of The Jocks devious plan to ruin the last night at Beaver Falls for The Brits, Barry is dressed as an astronaut after Jake cut up his suit, and A-Rab is sporting a permanent erection having knocked back a spiked drink which Jake gave Brandon a Viagra pill to spike the drink intended for Barry, but Brandon says he spiked both Barry and A-Rab's drinks.

And earlier on before The Chunk Bunk where getting ready for the prom, A-Rab saw Brandon with The Jocks and later on when they are all getting ready A-Rab said to Brandon "Looking good....B-Dog. I saw you with the Jocks earlier" and went on to say if you had to Barry in a clique where would you put him, which Brandon replies "I dunno. I....Nerds. I guess." Which A-Rab replies to that saying "Yeah, nerds. That sounds about right." and so on and so forth and later on says to Brandon "We seem to do alright though don't we?." "See it doesn't matter who you're mates are, so long as they've always got you're back, yeah?" Which causes Brandon to stand still think about what A-Rab said to him.