The "Infamous." Lily Meadows which obviously means she is well known for all the wrong reasons....

Lily has a lot smaller part in Beaver Falls TV Series.

But due to her big entrance in Series 1 Episode 1 flying in a helicopter, shows that she is the daughter of some very important business man and is of high importance at the camp. And also the fact that Bobby seems to put her above everyone else at the camp.

As paparazzi break into the camp and take photos of her, when she doesn't notice.....

Luckily Flynn is too the rescue and stops one of the paparazzi guy's breaking in a gets him arrested

and when the photographer is arrested Lily says to Flynn - "So is this where I say my hero and swoon melodramatically?" and later asks if there is anything that she can do for Flynn for saving her from the photographer, and Flynn replys - " Well...there is something that springs to mind."

So Lily agrees to get her and her friends to take the The Chunk Bunk to The Independents Day Hop, but although The Chunk Bunk, Flynn, Barry and Adil "A-Rab" Hussain are pleased with the results of The Chunk Bunk having "hot." dates to the dance The Jocks are angry..

And shortly after says to the photographer - "Hope you get raped, sweetheart."

And forcing Bobby to swallow his pride and thank Flynn for saving him and the camp getting besmirched, by the photos the photographer took of him and Lily and also of Lily and Flynn